Flight School Goes to Bosque

Flight School Photography Workshops

Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

November, 2011


With thousands of migratory birds in flight daily at Bosque Del Apache, what better site for Flight School Photography workshops?  Previous year’s workshops were a huge success, so once again, Flight School Photography returns to Bosque.  We are anticipating improved conditions and even more outstanding photographic opportunities than last year.


Flight School Photography will be featuring two workshops in November, 2011.  The workshops will be conducted by expert bird photographer Jim Neiger.  Jim has perfected his unique techniques for photographing birds in flight using large telephoto lenses, hand held.  The focus of these workshops will be learning and practicing Jim’s hand held, long lens techniques for photographing birds in flight and in other action. 


Dancing Sandhill Cranes – Bosque Del Apache NWR, NM

Image copyright  © 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

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The workshops will be held in November, before the Festival of the Cranes and Thanksgiving, which provides important advantages.  First, the spectacular fall colors at Bosque are not to be missed and going early will provide that opportunity.  The fall foliage offers incredibly beautiful backgrounds for your photos, and adds even more majesty to the already spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Second, going early means there will be less of a crowd, offering more opportunities for “front-row seats” and leisurely days in the field.   


Each workshop will include 3 hours of classroom instruction on the first morning, followed by a welcome lunch; an afternoon photography session; and a morning and an afternoon photography session each of the remaining days.  Each photography session will be of three to four hours in duration.  The workshops will be limited to 6 participants so that everyone may receive personalized instruction in the field.


Northern Harrier emerging from shadow – Bosque Del Apache NWR, NM

Image copyright ©2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

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As you may know, Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is located in Socorro County, New Mexico along the Rio Grande.  A series of canals from the river carry water to various areas of the refuge.  These waters are then managed to create numerous shallow ponds and pools.  In addition, corn, alfalfa and other crops are grown in the nearby fields, and every year, the farmers leave some of the crops to feed the thousands of migratory birds that flock there.  The water, food and shelter create a haven for the thousands of birds that call Bosque del Apache home during the fall and winter.  Yearly visitors include: Sandhill Cranes, many species of geese and ducks, bald eagles, hawks, and wading birds.  In addition, Bosque is home to 377 species of birds throughout the year, so anything is possible.  

The thousands of Sandhill Cranes, ducks and geese in flight provide spectacular opportunities for awesome flight images using Jim’s techniques.   Jim is known for his consistent production of amazing flight images and images of the most desirable subjects.  His imagination and dedication have resulted in new techniques, which can only be learned from him.  Flight School Photography Workshops are a must for any serious nature photographer. 


Landing Snow Geese on fall color background  – Bosque Del Apache NWR, NM

Image copyright 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography

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Workshop Dates:

Workshop BOS-1:  November 11, 2011 thru November 13, 2011

Workshop BOS-2:  November 15, 2011 thru November 17, 2011

Workshop Itinerary:

Day 1:  The evening before arrive in Socorro, New Mexico, which is the base location for the workshops.  There will be a 3 hour classroom instruction session in the morning, followed by a welcome lunch and an afternoon photography session.  The instruction will focus on using hand held techniques for photographing birds in flight to prepare participants for the subsequent photography sessions.


Day 2:  Morning photography session.  Mid-day siesta and lunch break on your own.  Afternoon photography session.


Day 3:  Morning photography session.  Mid-day siesta and lunch break on your own.  Afternoon photography session.


Workshop Cost and payment:

The cost of each workshop is $999 per person.  Each workshop includes a three hour formal classroom instruction session, a welcome lunch, and five 3 to 4 hour photography sessions.  The photography sessions include personalized instruction in the field.  Discounted lodging is available, but is not included in the workshop fee.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is required for the workshops. The remaining $499 is due 15 days before the start date of the workshop.  If you are unable to attend the workshop, after paying the balance, the balance payment will be refunded ONLY if your spot can be filled, on short notice, from the waiting list.  All workshop payments must be made by check or money order.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Participant Requirements:

Participants should have working knowledge of how to create a properly exposed image, a telephoto lens of 400mm or more (300mm with a teleconverter is acceptable), and be physically capable of holding their camera and lens up to their eye in shooting position for at least 20 seconds.  Participants must also have a vehicle to travel to and from the photography locations.

Contact Info:

You may contact Jim Neiger of Flight School Photography via phone or email.


Cell phone: 407-247-5200

Email: jimn@cfl.rr.com

Flight School website: www.flightschoolphotography.com


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Jim will be happy to provide you with any additional information.

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