Custom Anytime Workshops

Flight School Photography offers private, customized workshops, September thru May, in some of the most beautiful, wild, and unspoiled areas of central Florida.  Your instructor and guide, Jim Neiger, has spent several years observing, studying, and photographing the varied birds near his home in central Florida and knows this avian rich area like no one else.  If you prefer, Jim will travel to a location selected by you to provide personal instruction.

Veolia-BBC Award Winning Image of a Great Horned Owl Getting Attacked by a Fish Crow
Images copyright © 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography
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The individual or small group workshops are tailored exclusively to the participantsí interests, goals, and schedule. Workshops are conducted by boat, on land, or a combination of both.  Personalized instruction lets you make the most of your time. The workshops can range from a single half-day workshop to multi-day or week-long workshops. Snacks and drinks are provided during every workshop session.

You have the option of scheduling a private, individual custom workshop; putting together a small group of photographers for a customized workshop; or having Jim travel to your location to provide a custom workshop.  You can also choose the species you wish to focus on and/or the topics you would like to learn more about.  Jimís experience in the central Florida area allows him to locate the most sought after species in settings and conditions that are optimal for photography. 

  Custom Workshops by Boat

Jimís pontoon boat was purchased and customized specifically for use during photography workshops. It is roomy, comfortable, and stable.  The boat is equipped with an extremely quiet, four-stroke motor for silent cruising.  It also has a powerful, silent, electric trolling motor with wireless remote control.  This allows Jim to position the boat precisely and silently.  The boat has a capacity of twelve people, but Jim limits the number of participants to five or less so that everyone has room to photograph in comfort.  The boat can be configured with no top, a half canopy to provide shelter from sun and rain, or with a half enclosure that can completely protect participants from the elements. 

Using the boat allows close access to some of the most difficult and desirable subjects in North America.  Many of the images of these subjects in their wetland habitat would not be achievable from land. 

Male Snail Kite in Flight with Turtle
Image copyright © 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography
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  Custom Workshops on Land

Land-based sessions are held in a number of wild and remote locations of central Florida.  Jim has spent several years learning the out-of-the-way wilderness areas in the region.  He has also written a best selling guide to photographing birds in central Florida.  The variety of birds in the area is astounding, and Jim knows where to find them and how best to photograph them.  Participants will need to provide their own vehicle for the land-based workshops, unless there is only 1 photographer.

Bald Eagle Returning to Nest with Fish
Image copyright © 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography
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Both land and boat workshops are likely to provide participants with opportunities to photograph birds that are uncommon and rarely seen.  Possible subjects include:  Crested Caracara, Sandhill Cranes, Whooping Cranes, Barred and Great Horned Owls, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Snail Kites, Red-Shouldered Hawks, Red Cockaded Woodpeckers, Pileated Woodpeckers, Limpkins, Ibis, Wood Storks, Purple Gallinules, various wading birds, warblers, sparrows, and many others too numerous to list.

 Custom Workshop Instruction

Custom workshops may also include personalized, in-the-field instruction; formal classroom instruction; or an introductory slide presentation, if desired.   Topics may include instruction devoted to learning or practicing:

          Jimís unique handheld techniques for photographing birds in flight using long telephoto lenses.

          Jimís unique techniques for using recordings safely to attract and photograph birds successfully

          Making proper exposures working in manual exposure mode

          Other nature photography topics of your choice

Jim is known for his consistent production of amazing flight images and photographs of the most desirable subjects.  His imagination and dedication have resulted in new techniques, which can only be learned from him.  Jimís Flight School Photography Workshops are a must for any serious nature photographer.  

Least Bittern in Flight
Image copyright © 2010:  Jim Neiger/Flight School Photography
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 Custom Workshop Information

Workshop Dates:
Custom workshops may be scheduled anytime September thru May, whenever Jim is available.  Booking early will help ensure Jimís availability for the dates you desire.  Please contact Jim with as much lead time as possible when scheduling a custom workshop.

Workshop Cost and Payment:
Workshop rates vary depending on the number of participants and location of workshop.

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Contact Information:
Flight School Photography, Inc.
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Cell phone: (407) 247-5200

 Jim will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.


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